Why Kitchen Appliance Warranty Matters

The countries largest shopping days on Black Friday, Christmas Eve, Boxing day, and New Year’s Eve will lend you a short-time period to grab a bargain. This is the time of the year where the countries largest retailers can offload their stock just in time for the new year.

But what are we buying when we are buying?

For simplicity's sake, let me start with the presumption that we all know that not all products are manufactured equally, with the same quality materials alike.

By logical consequence, we know that the quality of the product is a direct consequence of the build quality, resulting from design-effort and the quality of materials used. Therefore we can say, a bad product isn’t by accident — it’s intentional.

So why are some products better than others?

You wouldn’t market a $1000 coffee machine to the average ‘mum or dad customer’. Those machines will likely be found in catering departments, high traffic cafes, or in busy law firms like the ones I have worked for.

The quality of the product, as cheap as it sounds (and by design), is determined by its price range and by its target market.

Take for example a college student- what utility or enjoyment would they receive from a complicated coffee machine? When the end result is more or less the same from a coffee machine that cost them $20.

Or, take that air fryer of a certain size, it’s the entry point for a similar model is $200, so who is it marketed to?

Okay, if an appliance is out of my price range — how can I get a deal?

Warranty. Warranty is everything when it comes to making a purchase that is slightly or completely outside of your budget. If you are making a purchase that you would consider to be an indulgence then you should seek one out with at least a 7-year warranty.

Why is a 7 Year Warranty on Kitchen Appliances the magic number?

If you purchased that expensive sandwich press and it happens to come with a 7-year warranty, even if you use the sandwich press 20 times a year (or every other week) — it’s coming with a consumer guarantee on the item and its parts meaning that if it breaks, the manufacturer will fix it or replace at no cost, save for shipping.

Over 7 years that Kitchen Appliance is going to pay for itself, provided that it’s covered by warranty

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